His Convenient Highland Wedding by Janice Preston – Mills & Boon Insider Review.

His Convenient Highland Wedding by Janice Preston in a nutshell: if you’re after an adorable romance between two big softies, a slice of social history and a good dose of “Och!”, walk this way.

Disclaimer: Contains mild spoilers, moderate sarcasm and serious swooning. Continue at your own risk.



I’m back!!!

(In my current excitement, I think it’s worth a few unruly exclamation marks winking-face_1f609)

After my prolonged and unplanned sabbatical (fear not, I won’t bore you with the details) I was raring to go! But what first…?

I gave the latest titles – that the good old M&B had been so kind to send my way – an intense perusal, expecting that with Eroticon so rapidly approaching a Dare may be smouldering on the horizon. However, it was my Celtic genes that piped up – no pun intended – and they would not be denied! (The same Celtic genes that I blame for my pasty complexion despite the fact that my Scottish granny – from whence said Celtic genes presumably came – tans like nobody alive. Some things in life just aren’t fair.)

Or maybe it was because I’d just spent half an hour on the phone to Scottish Power…?

Regardless, His Convenient Highland Wedding it was! So, full of cold on a typically English rainy day, I did the only proper thing. I put the kettle on, curled up on the sofa, cast eight hours of Youtube log fire to the TV and prepared to get thoroughly stuck in.

However, as you well know, I am cursed to ask the big questions.

Could the despairing “Och!” and eye roll ever be truly captured in print?

I was about to find out.



[Image courtesy of Aardman Animations, DreamWorks Pictures and Pathé]


Sorry, couldn’t resist!


Our Loquacious Lady:

(Yes, I’ve been watching Con Air…again.)

Lady Flora McCrieff has ideas! This girl is one smart shortbread and she knows that she could turn her noble family’s diminishing fortune around. If only her father would listen to her rather than investing himself in her little brother’s hair brained and fruitless schemes. According to Daddy Dearest, girls know nothing and suffering his wrath over disobedience is something that her entire family is all too familiar with. However, after Flora commits the ultimate act thereof – turning down a dic…ahem, I mean, Duke – the shame of her family and shunning from polite society all but snuffs out that fierce light of hers once and for all.

A year later, she couldn’t have anticipated the bombshell her father was about to drop. An arranged marriage to a man she has never met. With two days notice, Flora is walking down the aisle and whisked away to Lochmore Castle by her wealthy new husband who has promised to ease her family’s (relative) financial woes in exchange for a high born wife. Understandably plagued by uncertainty, Flora has only her upbringing and her mother’s “just close your eyes and let him get on with it” advice to go on.

Will Lachlan McNeill be a man just like her father or the Duke to whom she gave the old school swipe left? And how will he react when it becomes clear that she is not the doorway into noble society that he thought he’d married?

Our Soft-centred Scotsman:

Businessman Lachlan McNeill knows what it’s like to live hand to mouth. After his family was turfed out of their home and, like many before and after them, moved to the slums of Glasgow in search of work, tragedy all too quickly followed. Forced to leave Scotland (I leave the spoilers well alone), Lachlan’s fiery determination to return a successful man paid off. He’s got the wealth, the threads and the castle to prove it. All he needs now is a high born wife to help him tap into the noble market so that his fledgling whisky distillery can get off the ground, thus giving economic security not just to him but those who rely on him for their livelihoods in such difficult times.

When Lady Flora McCrieff rocks up beside him at the alter, old Lachy can’t believe his luck. However, with the secrets and shames of his past yapping at his heels (along with Flora’s excitable wee puppy dog) and his long lost sister almost within reach, it gets increasingly difficult to keep his new wife in the dark. Sure that, once she knows the truth, Flora will reject and despise him like so many before, Lachlan is determined to keep Flora out of deepest recesses of his heart.

But what do they say about famous last words?


My Two Penneth.


Ahem, *whispers* I have a confession to make.

It’s not often that I read a historical romance. I’ve got nothing against them but for some reason they’re not my go to. Usually though, once I get going I really enjoy them and His Convenient Highland Wedding turned out to be more than one of these “usuals”!

In the beginning I had a brief moment of:

“Oh no, is this going to be one of those romances where strong silent type really translates to utter douche bag and the uphill struggle to give him redeeming features begins?”

Let’s be honest, we’ve all read (and for my part fumed – “Wanda smash!” style – over) them. However, by the end of the paragraph, I had already completely changed my mind!

What came out was two people who had been, for one reason or another, downtrodden by society and were feeling around in the dark trying to find their place in the world. Even though Flora and Lachlan hadn’t set eyes on each other before the “big” day and it primarily took place for business purposes (and yes, arranged marriages, though historically accurate are a seriously crappy institution), what’s nice about how their relationship is written is that despite all this, they start from a point of basic human warmth and compassion.

In my experience, that isn’t always the case. So often – historical or contemporary – it starts from a place of indifference, outright dislike or a kind of clinical lust and it warms up from there. Yet, these guys start out with this lovely, tentative “I know you’re cool really, but I’m too scared to let you in right now so, let’s just be friends and make babies together, yeah?” and how they get from A to B is just adorable.

They’ve both been through the social ringer, they both know what it’s like to have no control of your own life – albeit on opposite ends of the financial spectrum. Though losing no end of faith in themselves, neither of them have completely lost their faith in humanity even though that would have been the easiest thing in the world and it gives the whole book a hopeful, warm and fuzzy edge. Then again, they’re also both human beings with their baggage and it was nice that this wasn’t glossed over in rose tinted specs fashion, either. 

I also loved that the focus on the relationship didn’t blot out the social history surrounding it. It was very well interwoven and didn’t feel at all like one had been shoehorned into the other as can sometimes be the case. And for me, it was quite nice to get a snapshot view into my far reaching roots (Janice, my Celtic genes are appeased and I thank you!) 

Now, for those of you umm-ing and ah-ing about whether or not it’s going to be historical shagathon (when I started, I was fifty / fifty on which way it might go), all I can say is that my hat is raised to some truly impressive circumstantial (and a good dose of self imposed) cock blockery! If you were hoping for said shagathon, fear not shenanigans are on the horizon. And for those of you just not down with that, don’t write it off because there’s a hell of a lot of story to go at.

One last thing I will say is that [beware of minor, nondescript spoiler!], if you get to the bit when Flora’s realising the pressure ould Daddy was under and have the same reaction I did, namely:

“That’s still no justification for being a $£”%^$£^@, don’t let him get away with it Flo!”

Don’t panic and bear with it, our Flora comes good in the end!


His Convenient Highland Wedding in a nutshell: if you’re after an adorable romance between two big softies, a slice of social history and a good dose of “Och!”, walk this way.


Wanda-ometer rating for His Convenient Highland Wedding: four and a half stars

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Smoochies: kiss-emojikiss-emojikiss-emoji

Feels: crying emojicrying emojicrying emojicrying emoji


Happily Ever After: happily ever after emojihappily ever after emojihappily ever after emojihappily ever after emojihappily ever after emoji


His Convenient Highland Wedding is available from (but not limited to) the following retailers:

Mills & Boon



And yes, the despairing “och!” and eye roll made an appearance (however briefly). And it turns out print can, in fact, do it justice.


Happy swooning!

Mountain Shelter by Cassie Miles – Mills & Boon Review

The nerd, the Neurosurgeon and a whole lot of drama!

And the occasional giraffe…


Mountain Shelter by Cassie Miles Cover.jpg


Not so long ago, I was having a debate with my sister – the lovely Violet Grey – about which categories of fictional leading men (men of the real variety being considerably more difficult to compartmentalise, not that they should be compartmentalised, I may add!) make us a bit…well, crazy.

How this debate came into being, I have no idea but all can say for sure is that there was way too much sugar and oestrogen involved!

Anyway, the aforementioned debate – somehow – led to me brazenly announcing:

‘If it’s not bodyguards or cowboys then I’m not interested!’  Don’t judge me.

Soon after, I was indulging in some long-held, borderline addictive behaviour A.K.A “perusing second-hand book stalls” when I picked up this book and realised the blatant and, unforgivable error in my giddy, sugar-fuelled statement.

How could I forget NERDS?

When it comes to nerds I was doomed from an early age, this being exemplified by the fact that my first crush EVER was James Spader as Daniel Jackson in the original Stargate movie. Ok, I said it. It’s out there.

So, standing there in the rain, surrounded by books (and only moderately useful tarpaulin), reading the blurb for Mountain Shelter, I was entertaining the nice book-seller lady no end by being somewhat beside myself.

Go, go, leading man checklist!

  • He’s a bodyguard.
  • and a nerd?

*flicks through pages*

  • AND he owns a ranch?
  • AND he lives in Colorado?? (I’ve got a thing about Colorado for some reason. I think it must be another Stargate tic.)

That was it. I had only one thing to say to this paper-based gentleman…



Deadpool gif.gif

[Image: Marvel & Marvel Studios]


But did the Wanda-ometer explode in the face of this apparent perfection? Stay tuned.

Our Notorious Neurosurgeon:

Child progeny, Jayne Shackleford has waited her whole life for a pat on the head from her businessman-cum-oil baron father (yay, for good old-fashioned daddy issues!). By the tender age of twenty-eight, she is one of the leading Neurosurgeons in the world, her groundbreaking procedure that reunites stroke victims with their memories is incredibly successful and her pet-project home renovation is going reasonably – if nonsensically – well. Jayne is adulting like a boss! Yet, that pat on the head is still nowhere to be seen. When Venezuelan assassin extraordinaire, Victor Koslov, disables her top-notch security system with the intent of abducting her, all eyes turn to local-legend and potential-ransom-target daddy, “Peter the Great”. Knowing her father’s capacity for wading in and taking over, Jayne hires Dylan Timmons to keep her safe in these perilous and confusing times. However, her unexpected attraction to “the guy” with the horn-rimmed glasses makes things even more interesting than she could have anticipated.


Our Noble Nerd:

When Dylan Timmons – genius, games developer and all-round technical whizz-kid – gets a call about a damsel in distress with a seriously knackered security system, he is on the case. Dylan isn’t expecting his body guarding skills to be called into action. However, when Jayne offers to hire him, his intrigue over this talented, head-strong and vulnerable woman (who is almost certainly smarter than he is) seals the deal. This is a body he is quite happy guarding and if he has his way, he and Jayne will be getting to know each other a whole lot better when this is all over. But with assassin and would-be kidnapper, Koslov, upping the ante in increasingly unexpected ways, the rule book makes a swift exit out the window. If the only place that Jayne will be safe is Dylan’s mountain hideaway amongst all its quirky residents, then gosh darn it, that’s just the way it’s got to be.


My Two Penneth.

Needless to say (because it has been said…at length!), I was all over this premise. However, despite Mountain Shelter really grabbing me, life – as it is known to do – kept getting in the way. I didn’t feel that I gave it my full attention and I’m not prepared to give a review based on one half-arsed reading. So, I read it again. Yes, I read this book twice in close succession and I think just the fact that I could do that says something.

Much as I love a good strong-and-silent-bodyguard type (because let’s be honest, who doesn’t, right?), what sold Mountain Shelter for me – both times – was the quirk factor. I love that Jayne is a nerdy and bookish yet confident woman (a rare portrayal of the nerdy and bookish!) who has always struggled to find people that she can relate to. I love that, badassery aside, Dylan finds the world just one big sensory overload sometimes and has to retreat to his ranch/sanctuary for abandoned animals to get away from it all (and he’s a friend to the animals? Cassie, you’re killing me here!). I love that between the drama, gunshots and almost kidnappings, however successful they both may respectively be, they’re just nerds at heart geeking out over signal jammers, OR equipment and 3D printers. It makes my nerdy little heart sing nerdy little songs!

Honestly, there is almost nothing that I disliked about this book. It might as well have been written for me! If pressed though, I would say that my only minor disappointment was the ending. It tied up a little too quickly for my liking (where was the happily ever after epilogue? crying emoji) and the action nut in me wasn’t entirely appeased. However, guts and glory isn’t Dylan or Jayne’s style. They’re thinkers and that’s one of the many things that I love about them!


Mountain Shelter in a nutshell: If you want nerdery, cuteness and some classic bad guy action, then this is the book for you. It gets the Wanda seal of approval several times over.


Wanda-ometer rating for Mountain Shelter: four and a half stars

Chemestry: chemistry emojichemistry emojichemistry emojichemistry emoji

Smoochies: kiss-emojikiss-emojikiss-emojikiss-emoji

Nerdery: glasses emoji glasses emoji glasses emoji glasses emoji glasses emoji

Action: explosion emoji.pngexplosion emoji.pngexplosion emoji.png

Happily Ever After: happily ever after emojihappily ever after emojihappily ever after emojihappily ever after emoji


Mountain Shelter by Cassie Miles is available from (but not limited to) the following retailers:

Mills & Boon



Happy swooning!

P.S. James, call me, yeah? call-me-emoji.png